FK came to life in 2013. Founded by our Freestyle Motocross Team AKA the "Freestyle Kings". Our FK Crew includes some of the best FMX riders on the planet. Our talented team of riders have toured and performed all over the world. Australia, America, Europe, China to name a few places at the biggest events and on some of the largest stages in the world. Since then our lifestyle of travelling and going big on our motorcycles has inspired our FK Crew to engage with our audience. Hence the birth of FK Store in 2021.
Our FK store is an Australian owned and operated company. We are a company that promotes our very own lifestyle and experiences.
We connect with many people through our shows and events. So we decided to form FK Store to engage with our audience and encourage YOU to live the life you dream of... just like we do!

We pride ourselves on quality and style. One of the first things you do in the morning is get dressed, so we want you feeling on top of the world when you walk out that door to accomplish your goals, run errands, chase a dream whatever it may be. We've got you.
So many will have a mission statement to believe in. Well we simply don't have one because we live for now! We have made it, we are living it. The time is now, we are in it and have a damn good time doing it. So come join our FK family and live your life exactly how you dream of doing so.